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Lighthouse Financial Group, Inc


Holistic guidance on a first-name basis.

Lighthouse Financial | Corporate Branding Photo SessionFounded in 1986, Lighthouse Financial Group is a second-generation family business that empowers people through holistic financial planning and asset management. Holistic is the key word here. Because the truth is, many people understand the importance of planning for their economic future—but few do it with a roadmap. This leads to a more narrow view of their financial picture. We believe in helping clients achieve their whole value by going beyond money management to deliver a comprehensive financial plan you can understand and believe in.

Confidence is the plan

Think of us as a non-habit forming sleep aid. Why? Because we work tirelessly to lock in as many assurances as possible into your plan to ensure you, and your loved ones, are protected and cared for.

Know your next steps

Some advisors come in, do the job, and push client understanding to the margins. Not here. We take time to ensure you understand your financial roadmap, so you know exactly where you’re going and how you’ll get there.

Tact over technology

Technology can do unimaginable things, but it doesn’t replace personalization. We know behind all the numbers is a person’s livelihood. So we manage money and investments with the utmost respect … and eye contact.

Grow with your plan

We get you to where you’re financially going, while always keeping you informed of progress. And as needs evolve (as they often do), we proactively reach out to ensure plans can grow with you.