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Lighthouse Financial Group, Inc


For those looking to plan their economic future, Lighthouse is a financial planning concierge— delivering holistic guidance on a first-name basis.

Founded in 1986, Lighthouse Financial Group is a second-generation family business focused on empowering people through financial advice. Lighthouse Financial has reached a milestone. The business, now firmly under Shireen’s leadership since 2020, has solidified itself as a consistent, trustworthy and informed financial planning and asset management company.

Our promise to customers is embedded in our core values. They are:

  • We Instill Confidence: We see ourselves as a non-habit forming sleep aid. Why? Because we work tirelessly to put as many knowns into our client’s plan as possible to ensure they, and their loved ones, are protected and cared for.
  • Education: Some CFP Professionals come in, do their job, and push client understanding to the margins. Not here. Lighthouse takes the time and the interest to inform clients along their road to financial freedom.
  • Tact over Technology: Technology doesn’t replace personalization—especially for those clients who aren’t in the investment weeds day to day. Lighthouse values personal tact, remembering always that behind the numbers is a person’s livelihood. So we manage money and investments the way we’d want ours to be.
  • Results: Lighthouse gets people to where they’re financially going. That goes for investment strategies, financial planning and complete money management. Our diligent approach keeps clients informed of their progress. And as needs evolve (as they often do), we proactively reach out to ensure plans can grow with their owners.