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How We Work

Client Centered

The first step we take with clients is to commend you for, indeed, taking a first step. For many people, planning their financial future is a daunting and insurmountable task. So much so, that some people never begin and simply hope for the best, or go it alone and risk overlooking crucial steps along the way. The fact that you’re here, ready to commit to the challenging-yet-rewarding journey of financial planning, is worth acknowledging.

From there, we begin our journey into understanding you, your present challenges and future goals. At Lighthouse, we believe people are more than just their numbers. Knowing you on a personal level ensures a more tailored plan that suits your lifestyle and financial literacy. In other words, no two people are alike, so no two plans will be either.

Ready to create your financial roadmap? Here’s what a typical partnership with Lighthouse looks like.

First things first

We begin with an introductory consultation to discuss your goals and review your current financial status. We’re looking to gain an understanding of your financial picture and priorities, then determine if we’re a good fit together.

Common steps in this phase:

  • Introductory consultation
  • Formal commitment to planning
  • Data gathering/financial status


Phase one: Shine a light

After we’ve formally committed, we get going on the good stuff. Our first priority is to provide in-depth analysis of your current money management, investments,  retirement planning, and general financial health. We’ll dive deep into your numbers and historical data and set goals to provide the most accurate recommendations for all areas of your financial life. We then move into implementation, where Lighthouse personally oversees the funding of your plan and the recommendations we’ve agreed on.

During this stage, you’ll also receive access to our online portal, where you’ll be able to review our analyses, upload and download documents, reach out with additional questions, and more.

Common steps in this phase:

  • Initial snapshot meeting
  • Financial observations and recommendations
  • Plan implementation and funding  
  • Online portal access

Phase two: create the roadmap

Now that we have a firm foundation of where you are and your retirement plans, we can begin systematically creating a roadmap toward your other goals. Planning for your kids’ college? Are you a business owner with supplemental planning needs? Is a risk management evaluation in order? Considering a second home? These questions and so many more require a personal touch to ensure your roadmap is understood and agreed upon so you know exactly how to achieve success. 

Common steps in this phase:

  • College funding
  • CPA coordination
  • Risk management
  • Estate planning

Phase three: Stay vigilant

Follow through is everything in financial planning. But we know life happens. Needs change, families grow, jobs switch, accidents happen. Not to mention how busy certain stages of life can be. We’ll help you stay on track with ongoing support and formal check-ins to ensure you stay on track no matter what life throws at you.

Common steps in this phase:

  • Semi-annual strategy meeting(s)
  • Annual strategy meeting(s)
  • Tailored quarterly check ins
  • Ongoing portal access/communication

For a more robust outline of the different phases of working with Lighthouse, click here