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Our Values

Vision: Our more than 10 years of experience allows us to see beyond the numbers, synthesizing countless scenarios, market trends and planning patterns to help remove the mystery out of advising. That goes for simple college or retirement planning...or complex multi-generational estate planning.

Customer Service: This goes beyond going above and beyond. We make clients feel like real people, not a number. This is concierge level service—the kind that listens, offers insight, support and education to ensure clients feel confident in their informed decisions.

Holistic Advisement: We see the forest through the trees. This means the entire investment portfolio, moving financial targets, total risk assessment, how the various accounts of each family member fit together…and more. Yes, this is fundamental for many CFP Professionals. However, we believe we do it flawlessly.

Perspective: Less than 24% of CFP Professionals in the US are female.* Which means of the 4,211 CFP Professionals in Illinois, Shireen is in the minority of female advisors. We don’t treat this as our foremost brand differentiator, but it’s something to be mindful of as trends for a female financial perspective continue to grow.

 *CFB Board 2020, CFP Professional Demographics, accessed 14 October 2020, <>